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Eat Real, Eat Local!

sausages and burgers from Larkin Bros
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Larkin Bros., the largest turkey farm on PEI, pride themselves on their high quality turkeys and value added products.  Our poultry is grain fed, medication and antibiotic free and do not contain animal bi-products in the feed. Be sure to look for our products at locations across PEI including the Charlottetown Farmers Market  Sat, 9am-2pm, and ADL Foods, Grocery Stores, and restaurants.

Products: Fresh and Frozen Turkeys, Fresh and Frozen Chickens, Ground Turkey, Smoked Turkey Breast, Bone in Breast Turkey, Turkey Legs, Turkey Thighs, Turkey Sausages, Turkey Meatballs

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Nutrition facts and comparisons

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Curious as to how Larkin Bros. sausages compare to others? Check out the nutrition facts to see the difference!

Original Turkey Sausages – Nutrition Facts

Italian Turkey Sausages – Nutrition Facts

Breakfast Turkey Sausages – Nutrition Facts

Below is a comparison of a standard breakfast pork sausage to Larkin Bros. turkey breakfast sausage.

breakfast sausage nutritional info comparison