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Raising Thanksgiving dinner

Paul Larkin in barn
Paul Larkin stands in his barn that holds 4,000 free-roaming turkeys. The Larkin Bros. Farm, nestled in the hills of New Glasgow, produces 14,000 turkeys for households across P.E.I. during the Thanksgiving weekend.
Desiree Anstey/TC Media

Article in the Journal Pioneer

It’s always good to know where your food comes from, and Thanksgiving is no exception.

One of the biggest food holidays of the year, with Christmas and Easter following closely behind, one would be hard pressed to find a kitchen table in P.E.I. that didn’t have turkey as its main course.

And many of those turkeys have come from one place — Larkin Bros. Farm.

Nestled in the hills of New Glasgow, Larkin Bros. Farm started out small, gradually expanding from 10 to 14,000 birds.

The farmers work long, hard hours to ensure the birds are well looked after and that they have the right numbers to feed households from Summerside to Montague.

“Our dad purchased the farm back in 1975. At that time we were milking cows. We had some beef and pork, so it was a mixed operation. Then he started to grow a few turkeys for the family,” explained Paul Larkin. “We started with 15 or 20, and it gradually grew to 300 and continued.”

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CBC Turkey Drive

Each year Larkin Bros is proud to support the CBC Turkey Drive.

If you’d like to donate a turkey to this year’s CBC Annual Turkey Drive, call us at  (902) 629-9817 or complete the form below.

We’ll ensure your turkey is delivered on your behalf to the freezers at CBC PEI and if you wish, your name will be added to the list of generous Islanders who are donating!

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